Heaven on Earth at Centara Ras Fushi Resort & Spa Maldives

I was all grin from ear to ear, my knees were shaking, with mixed emotions to the point of shedding a tear when I set foot on this private island resort cast over the vast and endless turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

This is by far, the best vacation that I can imagine, experienced and think of ’til now!

High 5s:

1. All-Inclusive Resort: This is one resort where you leave your worries and get your money’s worth from getting your own water villa, feast on 4 different food restaurants and island activities.


Feel and live like a queen in your own Deluxe Water Villa with a spacious 42 square feet of living space that leads you to your own deck and access steps down to the blue lagoon.




We’re one group that enjoys feasting on food and casual drinking, and everything is sky is the limit where you won’t worry about overspending. Sumptuos breakfast or Italian cuisine lunch buffet awaits at La Brezza as you wake up. Swimming and chilling with a drink will be on arms reach at the Waves Pool Bar. You can find yourself hanging at the Viu Bar having your afternoon snack or cocktails, and chasing the sunset while lounging at the catamaran. Dinner can take you as far as having a Thai meal at Suan Boa or a Middle Eastern culinary adventure at Al Khaimah which you need to book ahead of time.  And start and cap your resort experience with refreshing drinks at Giraavaru Lobby Bar before you head back to the airport.


You’ll also get to enjoy the use of their snorkeling gears, kayaks, paddleboards and other available non-motorized watersports facilities. Even paying for the 30-min wakeboard ride is somewhat affordable when you have your own speed boat and the whole Indian Ocean as far a your eyes can see… this experience is just priceless!





2. Affordable airport transfers

Airport transfers should also be a great consideration in choosing your resort coz this really costs a lot if you booked a resort further from Ibrahim Nassir International Airport. Centara being only 20mins away from the airport offered much less compared if you got billeted and need a seaplane that costs more than your own water villa. But no one’s stopping you to live the life if you have the moolah!


3. Very private

Privacy is another luxury that you pay for this adult-only retreat ideal for honeymooners and couples. We’re the only group of friends in that resort for that weekend where we’re the only ones who are out and about from sunrise ‘til sundown enjoying what the resort offers.Maldives_CentaraSwim5

4. Feels like home with our ‘kababayans’ 

It feels like home when we get the chance to meet our kababayans or countrymen in this resort as performers. Their songs and performances where a hit whenever we either stay at the bar in the afternoon and at the restaurants in the evening.

It was an instant curiosity if we can apply to be a staff of the resort. But it was evident as well that staying for the purpose of working will make one miss home and their families terribly.

I salute our fellow kababayans who took the opportunity to work in far of places for purposes of taking care and sustaining their families needs at home. No matter how beautiful the place they are in, loneliness will surely kick in whenever you’re away with your loved ones.

5. Centara The 1 Membership

Centara is a group of luxury hotels throughout Thailand and Asia. This access also gave us more perks when we decided to take our 1st 2015 trip in Sri Lanka – from special room discounts, dining and spa services.


Agree that this is on top of the list of the most romantic places to go on your honeymoon… but you can also enjoy this place as much if you go with your friends as well 🙂 And one day go back with your special someone 😉

Centara Ras Fushi Resort & Spa | North Male’ Atoll, Maldives , Maldives | +96 0664 3880 | crf@chr.co.th

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