About Me

They always say that ‘it is never too late to start something.’

For me, that something is to start writing. Not as big as writing a novel or any short form, but start from something small like in the blogosphere.

I believe that there’s a storyteller in each of us. We have so much to tell, so much to share… of people, travel, culture, food, interests and more.

2014 was a milestone year for me and I claimed it as the ‘Year of Travel’ and so it happened. I started my love for travel and I know for myself that it’ll not stop anytime soon.

This 2015.. I WILL start to write the best way I can and the best way I know how with VOLUME and VERBE not only on how it is TO LIVE but how it is TO BE TRULY ALIVE … as May Walks the Earth.


  1. d.steine · July 8, 2015

    yehey! go like a dolphin! =)


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