Autum in Japan’s Tri-City: Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto

This time of the year last year, my friends and I experienced autum in the Land of the Rising Sun – Japan.


Travel Documents: Aside from your handy Passport which should have an allowance of 6 months from the time of your travel, you should secure a Japanese Visa.

You can be awarded for a single entry with inclusive of travel dates only for first timers and a multi-entry up to 3 years for 2nd timers or more.

Routes: We booked a flight flying in via Narita International Airport, Tokyo, and flying out from Kansai International Airport, Osaka. This way you don’t need to go back to Tokyo and make use of that time to explorer Osaka more, or vice-versa.

Transportation: If you’re traveling from 1 province to the other, the best option for tourists is to secure a JR Pass (Japanese Rail Pass) which should be ordered before your travel date. This is especially offered to tourist which can get the most of if it, case in point with a tri-city itinerary.

You have the option and experience to take the shinkansen bullet train or their local train routes.

Just set aside coins when you go around the metro using other train rail options.


Accommodations: We booked thru Air BNB with our stay in Tokyo and Osaka. Space is a luxury in Japan. Prepare to stay in a small space with limited bathroom coz each square foot counts in a Japanese home.


Places to Go:


Had the chance to visit this district during the day and during the night with same amount of vibe that makes this city one of the busiest places on earth.


Shibuya Scramble Crossing: Literally a scramble where pedestrians cross from different points in an organized chaos.


Hachiko: Dog lovers like me won’t miss this monument of the most loved dog in Japan who willfully wait for his master even after his death at the train station.


Takeshita Dori, Harajuku: A haven for costume players, fanatics and observers alike like me will be wowed by the extent one puts from one’s costume and makeup to mimic their favorite manga or anime character.



Disney Sea: The child in me screams for joy as we stepped in in this this wonderland. Too bad the weather didn’t cooperate which killed that excitement but made the most of the fun in their indoor entertainment




Ginza: The finance and most expensive district in Tokyo definitely made it’s statement with its grand structures.


What and Where To Eat:

Genki Sushi: Point and order to your hearts desire and it’ll come to you delivered in a conveyor belt.

Mt. Fuji & Hakone: Go on an out of town day trip to witness the majestic Mt. Fuji. Good thing we’re able to catch a glimpse of this mountain early in the morning in its entirety coz its always hides behind the clouds.

We attempted to climb on the other side of the mountain but to other dismay, weather didn’t permit because of the fog that disrupted our view from Mt. Romagate.




Be mesmerized by quaint towns of Hakone and take a cruise along it’s the lake through the coast.

We missed visiting the temples in Tokyo because of the long holiday weekend where all were closed.


Where To Go

Dotonburi: You can get the best of Japanese cuisine in this food strip which serve almost all but only take what can you chew.



Shinsaibashi: Aside from food, you’ll be tempted to go on a shopping spree of famouse stores like H&M, Forever 21 and GU.


Universal Studios Japan: This is one of the 2 Universal Studios in Asia which has the only must-experienced Harry Potter and Back-To-The-Future attractions.

This ups the excitement and makes it more different than in Singapore.



A day was too short to explorer this old capital and only visited these 3 sacred places on a one enchanting Thursday.

Where To Go

Fushimi Inari: An endless line of orange gates welcome you from the entrance and leads you to the top of the sacred mountain. Should only time be on our side, I’d surely climb the top.


Eikando Temple: An old Japanese couple walked and led us to this serene temple. Autum is present in this sacred ground with the orange, yellow and red leaves make the grounds even more dramatic.


Arashiyama Bamboo Forest: This was the last place we’ve visited IN Kyoto before the sun sets at 4pm, we walked through this forest graced by tall bamboos.


So many places to visit, with so little time. Which gives me more reason to visit Japan on another season. They say, Sakura is another best time… see you soon Japan!