Bordeaux: The Wine that Started It All

Bordeaux, is not just a place in France where this famous wine orignated, it is also the wine that started it all!

Also revealing the (open) secrets why, where and when titas (aunts or aunties) drink wine!

Wine of the Week: Bordeaux



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Getting to Know Your Wines & Titas


After 1o month in hiatus I’m so back… and a lot of things have happened –  from the long and never ending list of things to do at work and still adding, going back to paradise in Maldives, a surprising and unexpected trip to NYC, which I’ll find time blog my way on these memorable trips of 2017. Not to mention that my hair has grown long as well.

With a lot of zest and excitement, I also can’t wait to share with you what I’m keeping myself busy with – Wine & Titas, the ultimate tita (aunt or auntie) guide in wine drinking. Our very own YouTube Channel which I co-created with my former and recent creative officemates which I share the same interest with.

At this age (proud 30s) and phase in my life, I’m closing in and becoming a tita (aunt) in all my preferences. C’mon mention it! Listening to load music is not our thing anymore and we just want to chill. Always looking forward to go to the grocery for some quiet and me time. Our choice especially on drinks has outgrown from beer, to whiskey, and now with wine. The list continues on and on and you’ll get to know us, the titas (aunts or aunties), one glass (or bottle) of wine at a time.

I won’t keep this long and we’d like to raise a glass with you every week tita (aunt or auntie)!

Tell us more about our Wine of the Week: Merlot Tita Toni!

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Painting the town red at Cinnamon Red

Colombo was our last stop and we did paint the town red on our last days in Sri Lanka at Cinnamon Red.

High 5s

1. Lean Luxury:  this is how they describe their hotel and they did a terrific job bridging luxury and the essentials of modern technology from the time you set foot ’til the time you check out.


2. Awesome rooms: The ‘I Feel Good Today’ wall art is what will catch your eye as soon as you get into your room. It’s up to the traveler to get that same vibe and disposition, which naturally flows with Team Sunstoppable. I love the simple, clean and edgy design of the room and fixings dubbed in red, black and white.


3. Interesting corners: You won’t get bored with a number of restaurants and facilities you can enjoy from the roof-top bar at Cloud Red, to the 24/7 restaurant at StirRed and a vast selection of international buffet at FlavouRed buffet. But wait, there’s more at Power Red with the state of art gym and the infinity pool with a view of the city and Indian Ocean.



4. At the center of Colombo: This hotel pretty much sits at the centre of everything. It’s near the commercial hubs and sights like the Galle Face.

5. That cinnamon scent: They’re named after ‘cinnamon’ and I guess they really lived up to it by welcoming guests with the refreshing and sweet scent of cinnamon in the entire premise.


This hotel will surely surprise you in more ways than one.

Cinnamon Red | 59 Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka | +94112145145 | | Rates start at USD80